Almost perfect

Almost perfect

Lately, whenever someone wants to use the word “perfect” – for some reason they feel the need to repeat it 3 times. “perfect perfect perfect”. As if once is not enough.

It’s almost like this word is losing its power. An imaginary scenario where If you’ll say it just once it won’t hold, therefore you absolutely must repeat it 3 times, hoping it would validate it.

Perfect is also flawless, Excellent, great,

It can also mean something that was seen through till the end – perfected. Finish, done.

Clothes can run its course at one’s, and continue its journey with another’s’.

For one person it’s flawed, and for the other – it’s THE thing.

Some clothes’ starting point is being torn, or a bit used, stained, and though we could have let time create its impacts – we chose a short cut.

Also, there are clothes that its life course rent short because they were turned down, every time for a different reason, from being AA.

Because someone called it flawed. We, at ATA, called it “almost perfect”, thinking that the entire concept of what perfect is is up for personal interpretation. 

We started with jeans pants, adjusting it from long to short,

And we made a promise to ourselves, and now to you too, 

To pave our clothes the longest we can each time in a different way.

To be continued,

Have a good weekend,


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