Our Story

ATA makes diversion-free clothes for life, ones that consider the person who makes them as well as the one who wears them.

ATA's clothes are benefited by time. They are made unique by their wearer.

The beauty of the city, the people in it, and their interaction are the heart of ATA.

The ATA textile company was established in 1935 and became the largest textile company and one of its kind. For five decades, ATA created clothes from fabrics that were weaved in its factories, from cotton that was grown in its own fields. In its first days, ATA mainly manufactured uniforms, tents, work clothes, linen, and blankets, for the city's old-time residents, pioneers, and new immigrants.

ATA was renowned for its manufacturing quality, safeguarding values such as functionality, simplicity, and modesty, becoming a symbol for a time of regeneration, growth, and innovation – all that we are longing for now. In the 1980s ATA closed down.

In 2016 ATA was re-established.

The new ATA was established with the intention of reinstating the value of the clothes we wear. We believe that clothes are meant to serve people and that clothes provide a gaze into our life and culture.

ATA manufactures its clothes and considers them through a spectrum of time traveling; through what was and should be, through what is going on now, and through what is yet to come.