ATA’s collection made out of “the new denim project” fabrics is a result of a meeting that took place during March 2020, and has been weaving since then, announcing now of ATA’s spring.

“The new denim project” is a part of “iris textile”, a family owned textile factory that was founded in 1956 in Guatemala.

They have developed a unique technology in the last decade, which allows you to  reuse jeans fabric leftovers, re-weave thread fabrics.

“upcycling” is a philosophy and a design method that its main principle is reusing materials and objects in order to create something new, equal or even better than the original.

The compost that is being generated during the process is handed over to the coffee bean pharmers, where they use it as part of the fertilize process, thus creating a ”zero waste” full circle.

At ATA we immediately knew that we wanted to work and create with TNDP.

Joseph Peter Engllberg, the founder, a holocaust survivor, arrived in Guatemala from Europe in 1956, and together with his business partner – Victor Benshoam they started a weaving factory that became leading in its category.

ATA was founded in 1934 by Erich Muller and was in charge of a whole chain of supply, from cotton growing till the final product made out of this cotton.

Whan ATA was revived, we wanted to re-install our clothes with values.

“TNDP” by its essence is an embodiment of this specific will of ours.

As of now, Haim Engllberg and his daughters Arian and Joanne Engllebrg, 2nd and 3rd generations, are leading this establishment and paving its way.

The qualities we aspire for clothes to have -  a dialogue with the planet, a full circle, the “old ATA” presence and the new one – it is all part of our creation, and with them and with you we want to celebrate the arrival of the spring.


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