ATA's Blue

ATA's Blue

Every now and then people like to tell me "since you're not in style, you'll never be out of style", or "if you wait long enough that will become fashionable", or "when you can't find something you're looking for, it means it's either inessential or hard to make". And then blue was chosen as the color of the year.

Apparently there's such a thing. The Pantone Color Institute chooses a color for each year, and the color chosen for 2020 is "Classic Blue". I guess there's a reason that each year is assigned its own color. I have chosen to disregard it for years, not understanding why one color had to be chosen, because when I'm told something belongs to this year, I immediately start thinking what doesn't belong to it. This has been the case up until the moment that choosing a color has become relevant for me.
Blue can be found in the sea and in the skies, it makes you feel peaceful, it is genderless and belongs to every season. There's an indigo that you can stare at for hours, trying to understand its chemistry, which is naturally produced from a plant called Polygonum. Then there are concepts such as "blue collar" which is another name for the working class, or "blue blood" which is a term that describes someone who's a member of a noble or socially prominent family, and Hamsas, the popular Middle Eastern amulet that is believed to provide defense against the evil eye.

And earthly things such as blue workwear, which was thought to camouflage the stains on the clothes (or at least make them stand out less).
Then there's ultramarine, and Pablo Picasso's blue period, and Yves Klein blue, named after the artist who invented the hue, and there's the blue hole that is a diving location on the Red Sea, and a blue that is a primary color and another blue (indigo blue) that isn't…
And each one of those blues has a different origin, and reason, and folklore and a formula, and boundless beauty.
Another such a blue is the ATA blue, which is this year's color, as well as the color of the year before that, and the year that preceded. For me, it is also the color of the year that follows and the year after that.


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