In Our Studio

In Our Studio

As part of the process of designing clothes in ATA, even before we take them out of the studio, we try them on while riding a bicycle.

We have a bicycle in the studio, and each one of us takes turns to test-riding the clothes, and that's how we make decisions about sleeve length, back width, how deep the pockets should be, the waist's circumference, how many zippers should be used, and which pockets are necessary.

Overalls are the essential work clothes, and the ATA studio single mindedly (maybe for the first time) believes that they don't have a season, and you can never have too many. Everyone needs overalls in his/her appropriate length, and likes that you can wear them all day long- every day and anyplace.

Once an overalls design passes the test, it is given a one-way ticket. It comes and goes from season to season, sometimes it takes a break. Some seasons it's not manufactured at all…


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