Training pants

Training pants

I like to say these 2 words –“training, pants”

Training and pants – 2 words that we use less and less when we want to wear sportswear.

A few good years ago, we would practice “morning gymnastic routine”, and today we simply go to a “workout”.

5 years ago, as I was looking for “ATATA” pieces (this is how we used to call ATA when we referred to the old ATA), because I wanted to learn from it, to better understand it, someone told me that he saw an ATA shop at Petah Tikva and that there was a lot of merchandise there…

Skeptic, I decided to pay it a visit

When I asked Micky, the owner of the shop, to get me as much of the old ATA merchandise that he could, he was even more skeptical than me.

The shop used to be an ATA shop (no longer), that his father used to manage.

Anyways – Micky called me back saying he found a few original pieces that I might find interesting.

Needless to say that within 2 seconds I was at Mohaliver street at Petah Tikva, standing in front of quite a big amount of fresh new ATA clothes, most of it was school uniform.

In one box there were lined up rows and rows of cotton black and blue short pants, with a side white stripe, and latex at the waist, a rectangle back pocket and ATA’s logo embroidered on top.

During the “unboxing ceremony”, that specific box was the one that got the most enthusiastic reactions, followed by the phrase “I must have it”.

I had no choice, but to fully examine it, learn it, make sure I keep what’s in it, mostly the longing it arouses, and add a couple of side pockets – just so you know it’s there for you.

It was also very important for me to find a fabric that’s the closest to the one the originals were made out of. This thick, almost rough cotton that back at the days of “ATATA” it was named “ATARA” (this is still its name today).

Like with all of our clothes, we wash and soften the pants before you get to wear them.

We have it in red and blue and royal and white and pink and I’m sure there will be more colors soon..

And I have a strong feeling these pants are here for good.


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